Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Secret to Make You look more Younger

Everyone, especially woman, in all parts of the world, would always want to look beautiful, attractive and youthful. In fact, not infrequently, the women are willing to spend millions of money to stay beautiful and young.

The aging process is something that is naturally and inevitably. However, to handle it does not mean having to spend money to millions of rupiah. Try to follow these simple tips that can slow the aging process as reported by the Times of India:

1. Protect your skin

As age increases, the most obvious sign appears first and is wrinkled. With increasing age and improper maintenance, our skin will become dry and rough that cause wrinkles. One of the signs of aging is the appearance of small lines around the eyes. Coupled with the sunlight that can discolor the skin.

So start keeping healthy skin and keep it well. Starting from the scrub, use moisturizer and do not forget to smear sunscreen every living activities. And if the disturbing appearance of wrinkles, olive oil can also help to ward off wrinkles.

2. Diligently check your weight and exercise regularly

Age will usually be difficult to maintain weight. Experts say exercise is essential to keep body weight stable for at least 30 minutes per day. Can practice yoga, aerobics, swimming, pilates and so forth.

"When you start passing the age of 30 years, exercise is very important," said Leena Mogre, fitness expert.

The key for you to feel comfortable while practicing in training is to your liking. So choose exercises that can make you comfortable. And do not forget to do the training that helps the muscles of your face.

3. Vegetarian Diet

You should eat green vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. It would be better if you choose foods that represent the colors of the rainbow such as spinach, corn, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, blueberries and grapes. At the dinner plate should consist 75 percent plant foods and low in fat. This diet also helps to fight diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease.

4. Avoid drinking alcohol

Consuming alcoholic beverages can interfere with the effectiveness of certain drugs. And also may increase the risk of some cancers. If you decide to drink, limit alcoholic drinks no more than one drink a day.

5. Calcium

Getting enough calcium and vitamin D help prevent osteoporosis. Especially if you're already past the age of 50 years. Daily dose required is about 1,200 mg. You can consult with your doctor to find out if you need additional supplements.

6. Getting enough sleep

Sleep is very important for our bodies. There may be some people who sleep only 5 to 6 hours while others can sleep within 9 to 10 hours. The average time needed for sleep is 7 to 8 hours.

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