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Download Film Rhoma Irama - Bunga Desa (1988)

Rhoma Irama - Bunga Desa (1988)
Rhoma have good intentions to save a girl named Ratna (Marissa Hosbach) from the clutches of a pimp, it turned out the girl who rescued and even then stabbed a knife in a fight! Then Rhoma went to the village, to seek peace. In the village, he met again with another girl named Sumi (Ida Iasha). Will it be a lover of Rhoma like the other movies? Apparently NOT! Sumi also affected bandwagon! Her face was crushed because sulfuric acid exposed ... and Rhoma go back to the city (so this is not a story about true love ya ...). After that, it seems that destiny had other more wacky coming! Rhoma Irama met others who are similar to Rachael and Sumi. Well, lest it disguises made ​​from Mystique ya!

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