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Download Film Rhoma Irama - Tabir Biru (1993)

Rhoma Irama - Tabir Biru (1993)

Maya used as a player in films made ​​by Santos. But then Maya go to escape herself, because the Santos film is a blue film. Maya later rescued by Rhoma who then drove her home. Arriving at his house, Maya found his mother had been killed by his stepfather.

Because no one else, Maya allowed to stay at Rhoma's home. The existence of Maya at Rhoma's home was known to the hordes of Santos. To reply treatment Rhoma assessed protect Maya, kidnapped Aida Santos, wife of Rhoma. Followed then by the kidnapping Ainun, Rhoma's child only. In an attempt to save his child with his wife Maya, Rhoma forced to play a porn scene with Maya. When about to perform "his duty", Rhoma suddenly attacked Santos. Rhoma finally managed to free Aida and Ainun. Santos was killed burned in a fight against Rhoma.

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