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Download Film Rhoma Irama - Nada-nada Rindu (1987)

Rhoma Irama - Nada-nada Rindu (1987)

Because of competition in both music and girlfriend, Ramlan (Pupung Harris) used tricks. Camelia Malik aka Mia (Camelia Malik) his duet partner, a great success and with the Rhoma courtship. Ramlan initially suggested to the producer, Niko (Piet Pagau), to attract Mia from a rival record company. Niko agreed. So Ramlan took action. He used Maya (Dana Christina), his girlfriend who are addicted to narcotics, to seduce Rhoma, and put drugs in Rhoma's drinks. Then Maya was photographed in bed with Rhoma. Photo distribution to newspapers, to the scene, while he pulled the company Niko and Maya to create his own staging.

Time was about to overpower Mia, Maya caught the action Ramlan do love her, until Maya unlock its secrets. Ramlan Mia threatens to shut up. Rhoma a hit, went to retreat into his teacher. There he was advised to change the name and start again from the bottom. Rhoma disguised as Zulfikar and successfully received the tape by Niko, because of similarities with the Rhoma's voice. Niko wanted to collaborate him with Mia. Ramlan re jealous. Rhoma he beat his friend in the street. On the eve of the scheduled performances, it turns out Rhoma still appear even though late. And Mia Ramlan unmask the truth. Many of the songs sung in full until the movie feels long.

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