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Download Film Rhoma Irama - Satria Bergitar (1983)

Rhoma Irama - Satria Bergitar (1983)
Rhoma is a traveler who did not know where he came from. He met with a king who was deposed from his throne, named Wasid Aron. Thanks to his message, Rhoma managed to circumcise Wasid well as his people loyal to him. In fact, Tirzah, daughter Wasid was renamed Hayatun Nufus.

Thanks to the encouragement Rhoma, Wasid eager to reclaim his throne is now occupied by Abu Garin. Disguised as an artist, Rhoma successfully entered the palace of Garin. However, eventually the original face Rhoma can be recognized by them. In one-on-one battle, Rhoma defeated Garin. Then, drop it dhalim king's history. Rhoma went back to continue the goodwill on this beautiful earth God.

Players: Rhoma Irama - Ricca Rachim - W.D. Mochtar - Soultan Saladin - Farida Pasha - Mathias Muchus - Urip Arpan.

Director: Nurhadie Irawan.
Music: Idris Sardi.

VCD produced by: PT Rhoma Film Productions.

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