Friday, January 13, 2012

Enhance Your Visual Acuity By Eating Dark Chocolate

Everybody knows that consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables is good for your eye health and could help ward off some vision disorders. However, do you know that consuming chocolate is also good for vision and could give you better sight?

The result of a recent research showed clearly that people who ate dark chocolate had an improvement of their eyesight. The enhancement essentially concerned motion detection and vision sharpness, two of the visual capabilities that usually go down after prolonged near vision work, as well as, as a person grows older.

Therefore why is dark chocolate good for eyesight? The beneficial effect of chocolate on vision is due to some of the special nutrients it contains. Actually the same nutrient elements can be found in green tea and wine as well . Moreover, these nutrients have a powerful anti-oxidant action and therefore not only provide temporary positive effects on visual acuity but minimize the damage of free radicals and delay aging.

However, fostering perfect eye health and probably improving vision naturally through a good nutrition plan is only possible if you stick to the three essential guidelines of an eye-friendly nutrition plan: balance, variety and moderation. While consuming chocolate has a constructive effect on vision, consuming too much dark chocolate is potentially harmful for vision as well as for your overall health. After all, chocolate is regarded as a high-sugar food product and the quick elevation of blood glucose levels after the consumption of such foods has a negative effect on the eyes.

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