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Eat right and live healthier

Have you known ever a person, after throwing food, a meal or who can not fail to keep? Possibilities are that she / he is a victim of an eating disorder. This type of disease can ruin a persons health and affects their personal lives in a bad way. Eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating or eating disease. Someone go through this disease do have intensive food behavior such as strict diets, calorie counting being reviewed, puke after meals and keep to eat large quantities of food.

People with such illnesses have wrong approach towards food and body weight and a twisted self-image. These are one of the most deadly diseases today and a large number of people die every year due to deficiencies to eat. The strongest affected section of the society on the basis of this disease are girls in the age of 15 "24, to look thin as they peer pressure can do." These are complex diseases that require experienced professional help.

People with compulsive eating or overeat disorder have an unhealthy dependency on food. These people have a wild urge to eat to keep, even after they are full. You feel completely out of control eating and are faster than normal food. Such an episode of the food is intense guilt and depression follows. These people will spend much time on foods and plan and obsessed about food alone. They can usually eat even though they are not hungry. She would all day to return meals to keep and hold small amounts of food eating. This disorder leads to obesity and unhealthy weight gain.

Medical problems associated with this disease include weight problems depression, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, hyper stress, diseases of the kidneys, stroke, bone deterioration, and arthritis. These patients have complicated huge inferiority and low self-esteem. This disease affects every aspect of their lives "per, and personal." There are each operated amount per experience, to cure this disease.

The treatment includes programs with group treatment, psychiatric help, lectures and workshops, behavioral therapy, nutrition workshops emphasize education, management, body image, non-secular relaxing therapy to help and so on. These businesses have consultant, military surgeon and consultant with expert awareness of the field. The only thing it recognizes necessary cure this disease and reach to love help who help these people by one professional help.

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