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The Weight Loss Benefits of Tea

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It may seem strange to some, but the benefits of drinking that ‘daily cuppa’ may be better for you than you think.
As well as being filled to the brim with antioxidants, tea has also been shown to protect against a range of cancers, including lung, prostate and breast cancer. Green tea extracts have protective effects on sun-inducing skin damage. Drinking three to four cups of tea a day can cut the chances of having a heart attack. Other health benefits include protection against tooth plaque, tooth decay, bone strengthening, and cell renewal. Plus, antibiotic effects, an improved immune system and an increase in mental alertness.

Also, as well as inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, banishing wrinkles and lessening our trips to the dentist, tea is also a dieter’s dream drink.

Green tea can raise the metabolic rate, increasing energy expenditure and fat burning, helping dieter’s to lose, and sustain weight loss. It fights obesity and significantly lowers artery clogging cholesterol – two risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. Even drinking decaf tea can decrease waistlines and body weight. The consumption of tea can increase cardiovascular health, improving blood vessel reactivity – perfect for dieter’s who sweat it out at the gym!
Tea is also known to be a much more effective source of hydration than water, raising the body’s core temperature, thus making the body work harder to burn off calories, even when you’re not moving. Swapping a can of fizzy pop for a cup of tea is much more beneficial to your health – one has to spend longer drinking their brew, and are therefore less likely to feel bloated and tired. Replacing fizzy drinks with tea would get rid of empty calories, and a sugar rush that could spark binges on sweet and sugary foods. 


However, studies have shown that having your tea with milk and sugar could greatly reduce the benefits that are associated with them.

Black tea, on its own, can relax and expand the arteries to ease blood pressure. Casein, the skin that forms on top of milk which is left for a long while, can interact with the tea and abate this process, thus making its properties redundant. Also, drinking tea with a glass of orange juice at breakfast has also been shown to inhibit the body’s ability to absorb iron into the bloodstream.

Loose tea is also counted to benefit the drinker more. Tea leaves contain essential chemicals and oils, that are dispersed and broken up when having to be processed into a tea bag. Tea bags are generally too small for a full leaf to fully expand, so broken leaves, or ‘fannings’, are put into the bags instead.

Herbal teas have plenty of therapeutic values. Ginger, peppermint, liquorice…the list goes on. Ginger is exceptional for nausea and upset stomachs; peppermint can aid in digestion, and liquorice tea practically combines all three! Herbal teas that contain real herbs are a dieter’s and health advocates dream.

Though one must make sure that the herbal tea is made one hundred per cent from herbs, for there are many teas that contain artificial flavourings that counteract the health benefits – namely, fruit teas that are sold on the market.

Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For Quick Weight Loss, he recommends Clinico.
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