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Sample menu and diet for weight loss

The diet solution program offers a variety of effective weight loss Guide, without on your general health and well-being. We believe that a healthy body is the gateway to the healthy spirit and soul. We will not only help, you lose the pounds you have struggled with, but also allows you to embrace a holistic approach to your general well-being.

Our weight loss diet is suitable for adults and children. There is no diet plan, which ask you to starve and stay empty stomach. It will rather help smart food choices, so that you can enjoy maximum health benefits.

Our weight loss Guide will help you enjoy your meal and maximum your health. You are the right decisions in your weight loss diet that besides which give you the freedom of overweight will make fitter. To help you get started, we present here an example menu - a perfect way, to stay healthy and an ideal weight loss Guide.

The sample menu on this page is 5 servings of fruits and vegetables without much hassle and cost.
Fruit and vegetable serving sizes are smaller than most people imagine, what makes them simple additions to a meal or snack. They can also eat it in between as and when you these powerful presentations. The best thing-it will not add your body weight, but you necessary nutrients and energy.


For breakfast, a glass of juice is a must. Low-salt only 6 ounces of 100% fruit juice or vegetable juice counts as a serving. Along with juice, a medium or half slice a large banana on your cereal or toast. Tally: 2 servings.

Morning snack:
Morning snack is for hunger pang important you get between breakfast and lunch. Our example weight loss diet understands the importance of the morning snack. Unsweetened portable Apple sauce counts as a serving and can be anywhere snack. As the baby carrots? Eat only five or six baby carrots, and you have to serve another. A handful of dried fruit (1/4 cup) does to the trick. Tally: 3 servings.

If you need a quick lunch, go for a PITA sandwich or wrap loaded with vegetables or a cup of hearty vegetable soup. This is an important part of our weight-loss leader, to stay fit and well. Adding a small salad with dressing low-fat and feel your energy charge. Tally: 5 servings.

Save only 5 minutes and you can cook dinner vegetables at night. You can try cooking canned or frozen peas and cauliflower in the microwave for a quick and delicious meal. Try a microwave-cooked sweet potato with 1 teaspoon of butter, a shot of Apple juice or squeeze of lemon and a slight pinch cinnamon and brown sugar. You can add also ½ Cup berries for another service. Tally: 7 servings. Our weight loss diet tips are many more interesting ideas your dining meal light, healthy and delicious.

Dessert in weight-loss diet! Are you crazy? If you to think on these lines, get ready for the surprise, you simply love. Remember, diet structure a fun diet! Who said you could have not dessert? You can include desserts into your meals. Only you will know right, what and in what quantities. Ice on the shaft or half has the freezer with 100% juice Cup berries, peaches, or other favorite fruit or frozen yogurt low-fat place. Adding another service to your day. Daily total: 8 servings

Our weight loss Guide is an entertaining way, weight loss. It will give you interesting tips to choose of the foods that you'll love without your body weight to enjoy the pounds.

Order of the diet solution program for more such sample menus stay healthy and fit forever!

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