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Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss – Tasty Journey towards Weight Loss

Few times the moment you are beginning a new program of weight loss you can be lost regarding what to consume. Then no worry, we have come up with few perfect healthy recipes for weight loss. These recipes will surely help you to loss some extra weight.
Turkey Ball Soup with fewer Calories 
This Turkey soup is filling and hearty. You can have it in cold nights in main course or you can have it with sandwich. This soup too makes nice lunch. Turkey soup just has 178 calories per 2 cup.
Two mixed vegetable’s cans
Ground turkey -1 pound
Dry pasta – 1 ounce
Beef bouillon – 3 teaspoons
Italian seasoning – 1 tablespoon
Pepper and salt to taste
Water – ½ gallon
Preparation – take one big pot of water and put bouillon, canned vegetables, seasonings, and pasta in the water pot. Keep the pot over high heat while you arrange turkey. Make the turkey, for that you have to roll the tiny pieces in jelly bean’s size and after that keep turnkey balls in the pot. Allow the soup to get cooked till soup is boiling and turkey is nicely cooked and ready to drink.
Ginger White Tea
This is very mild tasting tea, which is made by soft flavoured spices and herbs. This white tea contains only little pinch of ginger to add subtle layer to this tea.
Ingredients –
Boiled water
Tetley White Tea (or any other brand) – 1
Ground ginger – ¼ teaspoon
Sugar substitute
Cinnamon – ¼ teaspoon
Preparation –
Put ginger and white tea bag inside the teacup or mug and pour hot water over top. Wrap and allow steep for two to four minutes. Put sugar substitute in case desired and mix it.
Fit Pasta Dinner
Children like this dinner because kids like its taste and texture. Pasta is stable, broccoli is nubby, chicken is stringy, and sauce is silky. This is a winning mixture.
Ingredients –
Frozen broccoli – 1 Ib package
Italian seasoning – 1 tbs.
Cooked elbow pasta – 12 oz. package.
Garlic – 1 clove
Salt Butter spiced cooking spray
Finely cut chicken breast – 2 cans
Preparation –
First steam the whole broccoli, after that channel it and toss the pasta with sliced chicken and broccoli. Cut garlic in tiny pieces. Sprig a tiny saucepan along within cooking spray and put Italian and garlic seasoning. Pour garlic on paste mixture and after that toss it. Put salt for taste and it is ready to serve.
Therefore, these healthy recipes for weight loss that you can practice in your kitchen and can reduce your extra weight. Because these healthy recipes for weight loss are tasty, you won’t feel upset.
 Supriya Bandekar

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