Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Healthy living warning: 5 "must know" diet and weight loss emerging trends for 2012

More recently, the members of the PEERTHE coach community were asked a simple question: of all health and weight loss advice you listen to, what is one thing that you actually do?
So far over 1,000 people have answered the question and the results were very interesting trends.
1. Who is dominant new trend people cut included food, wheat and dairy products from their diet. This particular trend has been observed for many years. (And in some cases actually supports.) But it has never keep as it is now.
2. Whey protein, plant proteins is in. What seems in line, is that protein shakes are and are becoming increasingly popular, especially at breakfast. But the people realize that they need to to the plant protein, if possible. Switching to vegetable protein is a very simple adaptation.
It is likely see on the shelves of your favorite health and diet shops more vegetable protein shakes. If you, the next time not the believe in whole foods, questions of knowledgeable people there new offerings.
(3) A third tendency is a widespread focus on natural health. It is a much greater awareness that synthetic additives in food health problems are correlated. For example, many participants in the survey said that she had removed their diet of aspartame. Others stated that they have to take care of doctors with a more "integrated" approach to search.
This seems to be an "emerging trend." People seem to be interested in to this topic, and react strongly. What is most interesting that people act, based on the answers and the questions and feedback.
4. The fourth trend is an accelerated transition to more plant foods in the diet. Now the top rated diets have a strong focus on adding green and vegetables. People take this advice and implementation.
What is interesting about this trend is that everyone "knows" that are vegetables good for them. People are actually put this advice into practice. Given the strong correlation between plant consumption and lower risk of disease, this could be a positive indicator for the future of the U.S. healthcare system.
(5) The last trend is a change in the way, how people define breakfast. People start to activate from a heavy focus carbohydrates, sugar and grain. They are open to the idea that they often eat "Dessert for breakfast" in the form of syrupy Lattes, muffins and high sugar yogurt.
People struggle with the search for good ways, to protein, fiber and vegetables in their breakfast. Some people decide their breakfast vegetables added. Drink green juices and green smoothies as part of the breakfast.
These 5 new trends are definitely things people take action on.
For more information, visit http://www.peertrainer.com/news/5_weight_loss_and_health_trends_for_2012.aspx
Jackie Wicks is the founder of the groundbreaking health and weight loss community PEERtrainer.com, which was recognized by us news and world report as one of the best pages on a diet and weight to lose, in June, 2011.  It is regularly in the press a healthy lifestyle, the experts in publications such as ABC News, Wall Street Journal quoted radio and hundreds of other national media. Mrs Wicks is also the author of innovative PEERTHE trainer cheat system: A simple guide, healthy and long term weight loss. Please visit http://www.peertrainer.com for more information or to register for the PEERTHE coach free daily support weight loss program and tip of the day.
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