Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gluten-Free Eating During the Holiday Seasons

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Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the most entertaining and happy times for individuals and their families to celebrate and simply enjoy being together. However, a significant part of those get-togethers is often the food, which will range between delicious treats and appetizers to extravagant feasts, with everything from juice and punch to cocktails and beer to go in conjunction with it. There are a large number of popular holiday foods that you’re likely to notice pop up at any given family or friend celebration during this time of the year, including turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pies, cookies and other treats. For an individual who is afflicted with celiac disease, it’s rather a tough time because so many of these foods may cause their gluten sensitivities to appear and create an uncomfortable scenario for them.

So if you have got to steer clear of gluten-free foods during the holidays, exactly what are the best options for still enjoying the family meals without having to concern yourself with your special food diet? Actually, there are plenty of ways for you to ensure that food will not ruin any part of one’s fun and joyful holiday get-togethers. The first step would be to make the party hosts cognizant of your needs by informing them that you simply are not able to consume any foods with gluten. Rather than impose on them by asking for certain gluten-free diet foods, simply explain what celiac disease is and what types of foods you will not be able to eat. Let them know that, while you do not expect them to modify their meal plan for you, it would be very helpful if they could give you a few particulars about what ingredients will be used to make some of the main dishes in their meal.

On top of that, bring along gluten-free foods to share with everybody at the celebration. That way you make sure you can have something to eat as well as offering something to your generous hosts.

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