Friday, October 28, 2011

Women Veteran: You Served -- You Deserve The Best Care Anywhere

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The Department of Veterans Affairs is reaching out to women Veterans with the message “You served -- you deserve the best care anywhere.”

Durham, NC - September 30, 2011 -- Women are the fastest growing group among the Veteran population. “The Women Veterans Health Program addresses the health care needs of women Veterans and works to ensure timely, equitable, high-quality, comprehensive health care services are provided in a sensitive and safe environment at VA health facilities nationwide,” said Shenekia Williams-Johnson, Women’s Veterans Program Manager.

“The program is the result of two decades of fine tuning and process improvements focused on becoming a national leader in the provision of health care for women. All women who served should contact us to learn about the health care benefits they have earned.”

In FY11, VA’s Mid-Atlantic Health Care Network, which serves North Carolina and Virginia, and a portion of West Virginia, spent $2.7 million on privacy, security and dignity projects for women Veterans.

“We have added clinics, remodeled inpatient and outpatient areas of our medical centers and hired health care providers specifically to address needs of Women Veterans,” said Williams-Johnson. “We now have the capacity to provide comprehensive primary care and high-quality preventive and clinical care to many more women.”

Rural and homebound Veterans can benefit from emerging technology that will deliver care remotely through new telehealth efforts, and home-based care services. Similarly, women Veterans with mental illnesses can benefit through integration of mental health services within primary care, so that necessary treatment is provided in a comprehensive and coordinated way.

Additionally, aging women Veterans can benefit from the latest advances in medical science and technology to identify and address cardiovascular disease as well as advances in treatments for diabetes, osteoporosis, and menopause.

For more information about VA health care for women, please contact Kenya Graham, Women Veterans Outreach Coordinator for North Carolina, at (910) 272-3220 ext.1002, or Ruth Miller, Women Veterans Outreach Coordinator for Virginia, at (919) 491-9888.

Information can also be found at the Women Health Care link on the VA Web site at

About VA Mid-Atlantic Health Care Network: Once comprising only a fraction of U.S. Veterans, VA estimates there are now more than 1.8 million female Veterans, nearly 8 percent of the total Veteran population. VA’s Mid-Atlantic Health Network, which includes eight VA Medical Centers and 21 community-based outpatient clinics, located in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, provided care to nearly 41,000 female Veterans in FY 2011, and the number is expected to grow to more than 50,000 by 2014.

VA’s Mid-Atlantic Health Care Network is one of 22 networks around the nation making up the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), the largest integrated health care system in the nation. The network serves a population of 1.4 million Veterans, providing a full continuum of medical, surgical, and psychiatric inpatient, and outpatient, services to more than 320,000 patients annually.

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