Monday, October 10, 2011

Rhoma Irama: Sajadah Ka'bah (2011)

Rhoma Irama, a traveler who is visiting mosques in Lombok in order to "silahturahmi" and symbols of Muslim brotherhood with the people who manage the mosque there who is in the forum of Fahmi Tamami.

Assisted by his friend Fahru, Rhoma meet and get acquainted with religious leaders in Lombok and Rhoma accidentally met with a widow, Sohiba who had a daughter, Sai'ma, the mosque became the target of Towi, a businessman who intends to change Sohiba's mosque and the house became the biggest place of gambling.

Towi also been successfully manipulate Ridho, Rhoma's son so Rhoma not only has to face Towi and his groups, but also from his own son in the effort to against Towi will to change Sohiba's mosque and the house became the biggest place of gambling. Ridho against his father, because it mixed with his love to the Towi's daughter.

Not willing to see the mosque functioned over a gambling place, Rhoma finally accepted the challenge of a duel with Towi to determine who is entitled to the mosques and Sohiba's house, meanwhile Towi's men intimidating Sohiba and his daughter and stole a piece of the new prayer rugs woven by Sohibah

Is Rhoma managed to save the mosque? How the love story between Ridho and Towi's daughter?

Genre: Action/Drama
Writer: Asep Kusdinar
Producer: Erna Pelita
Director: Rhoma Irama
Studio: Falcon Pictures & Rk23 Pictures
Cast: Rhoma Irama, Ida Iasha, Ruhut Poltak Sitompul, Ridho Rhoma, Michella Adlen, Leroy Oesmani, Zahwa Aqilah, H. Qomar

Here is the trailer:

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