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Herbal: Eliminating Acne naturally

It is well known that the presence of acne (especially on the face) will greatly affect the confidence of people who suffer. Each person with acne will certainly desperately trying to keep the creature called buttons that can be immediately removed from the face or other body parts.
For those who have much money, eliminating acne is not a difficult problem. Residence to go to a salon skin care costly, follow treatment, the use of its products, that's finished. But what about those of the thin stock (like me for example)? Is there any hope of getting rid of acne with little cost?
There is of course a lot actually. Here are some
traditional / natural ways, you can try to help eliminate acne:

 Aloe Vera

Take a piece of aloe vera, cut into sections, peel the outer skin, apply to the emergence of the buttons, and repeat the act in this way, each morning and evening. If you are patient enough, acne can be able to dry up and flake off for 3 days. Also aloe vera is also able to remove stubborn acne scars. Again, the key is a single, hardworking!


There are two options in using garlic to get rid of acne. First, by crushing two or more garlic until very soft, then apply to face with acne. Let stand 10 minutes then rinse. While the second way is to take one or more of garlic every day.

Many say that this is quite efekktif both directions, but for those of you who do not like the smell of garlic may be better to take a different path. Do not worry there are many other natural ways which I will explain below.

Egg white

How? Easy. Separate the egg yolks and egg whites to take it. Whisk briefly and then apply on face and leave for 15 minutes. The egg white will help reduce the oil in the face that are often the cause of acne.


The fruit of this one but good for the eyes is also very effective in removing black comedones (blackheads). The first thing to do is cut the tomatoes in half and rub your face with acne and let stand 15 minutes - 1 hour and then rinse.


One thing to note here that the toothpaste used is shaped pasta (such as Pepsodent) rather than gel form (such as Close Up). The trick is almost the same in both directions at the scene. Apply toothpaste to the parts of acne and other around the button before going to bed. Let the night / until the morning, then rinse with clean water.

    Lemon / Lime + Rose Water

Lemon, orange juice and fruits contain citric acid compatriots are very rich in citric acid which is very good for passing the dead skin cells that can cause acne. The way is by mixing the juice of juice / lemon with rose water and apply on face and leave for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water. The application of this therapy regularly and systematically for 15 days produces results quite amazing (so many others have proven myself included).

Sixth, the natural way to eliminate acne that I mentioned above have to do all you guys. If you include lazy (like me), just choose a way you find easiest to do. Run for at least 15 days on a regular basis, if no changes back to try another way. So, good luck ...

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