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Film Rhoma Irama - Jaka Swara (1990)

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I Like this film so much. The Title is Jaka Swara. Followings are the synopsis of this film.

Fatma's father was dead shot by Portuguese when Fatma was little child. And then, Fatma was met with Jaka Swara, the son of Haji Abdullah. Both the child becomes familiar. Abdullah gave them each a necklace. Moon necklace for Fatma and star necklace for Jaka Swara.

Abdullah was involved with a group clash against the Portuguese. Portuguese leader was very furious because his men were defeated by Abdullah. The next day Abdullah was attacked by the Portuguese. Abdullah and his wife were dead shot by John Da Costa, and Fatma carried by the invaders. Jaka Swara knew after seeing his house burned in the distance.

Fatma was made Jaipong dancer at the headquarters of Portuguese. In the other hand, Jaka Swara was forged martial arts (ilmu bela diri) by the Garuda Putih at a college. Both have now grown up. Jaka Swara ordered the teacher to wander enforce commanding the good and forbid evil. On the way Jaka Swara saw a woman on the train that can not control her horse. Jaka Swara ran to help her. Apparently the woman was Fatma. The meeting was also known by the group of John Da Costa. Jaka Swara who managed to kill John then fled after his leg was shot. Despite all the way has been done, the Portuguese could not find Jaka Swara. Finally, by feeding Fatma, Jaka Swara came out of hiding.

Jaka forcibly put to work. Because not bear to see his friend were tortured by the foreman, Jaka Swara hit him. Deed of Jaka was known by Simon, the son of John. Simon challenged Jaka Swara to fight against silat champion next week. Jaka Swara put into jail without being fed.

On the day of battle there are five people who escaped the filter to fight. Jaka Swara is one of the participants were still in prison. With all his strength he managed to keep his hands off the shackles and rushed into the battle arena. Jaka Swara wins. The atmosphere was so chaotic because Simon did not want it. The fighting occurred between Simon Cs. and the people. In single combat, Jaka Swara managed to beat Simon. This victory, bells and whistles greeted by the people. Now there is no party who colonized them.

Aktors: Rhoma Irama - Camelia Malik - Simon Cader - Ade Irawan - Gino Makasuci - HME Zainudin - Piet Pagau - Rukman Herman - Arman Effendi - Bung Salim - Mawardi - Ranu - Ferry Octora - Viona Rosalina - Andre Pocris - Heidy Diana - Diana Joseph - Yani Arimbi - O'ong Maryono - Rochim Lahatu - Belkis Rachman - Tommy - Gandi.

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